Our ice creams are made using only the finest ingredients

sourced from all around the world







    A creamy vanilla ice cream made with fresh cream and flavoured with natural bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar.


    CODE 2001







    A unique combination of dark and light chocolate ice creams with added pieces of Belgium Callebout chocolate.


    CODE 2002







    A swirled mix of strawberry ice cream and strawberry sorbet, pieces of juicy Senga Sengana strawberries from France.


    CODE 2003






    Mint Chocolate

    Light and fresh, this mint chocolate ice cream combines natural mint flavour with crisp pieces of Belgium chocolate.


    CODE 2100







    Sweet and creamy caramel ice cream complimented with pieces of soft caramel and rippled with a caramel sauce.


    CODE 2101







    Delicate walnut ice cream replete with pieces of walnuts grown in the wild natural Perigord region of France.


    CODE 2102






    Coffee & Cream

    Fresh cream ice cream swirled with a rich coffee ice cream, flavoured by Columbian Arabica beans with added chocolate nibs.


    CODE 2103







    A smooth blend of apricot yoghurt ice cream and a sweet apricot sorbet, infused with pieces of

    juicy Turkish apricots.


    CODE 2104






    Blackcurrant & Cream

    Fresh cream ice cream contrasts with a sharp blackcurrant sorbet with pieces of blackcurrant from Switzerland.


    CODE 2105






    Amaretti Amaretto

    A well balanced Amaretto liqueur ice cream given added texture with crisp bite sized amaretti



    CODE 2107







    White grape ice cream and

    a sharp red grape sorbet infused with delicate

    pieces of white grape.


    CODE 2109







    An earthy green pistachio ice cream, reflecting the natural nutty flavour, enhanced with roasted pistachio nuts.


    CODE 2106






    Raspberry Sorbet

    A full flavoured intense raspberry sorbet created with raspberries freshly harvested from Chile.


    CODE 2200






    Lemon Sorbet

    A sharp lemon sorbet with pieces of lemon zest to give that added zing


    CODE 2201






    Pear Sorbet

    A soft pear sorbet given extra texture with the addition of sweet

    Williams pear.


    CODE 2202

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