A super premium ice cream company with a love of ice cream

  • Our name

    'Amore di Gelato' was created by Mike's late Italian wife, Patricia, it literally translates from the Italian words 'love of ice cream'.


    'Love of ice cream'


  • About us

    Amore di Gelato has been developed by a family run company Ercolano UK Ltd, headed up by Mike Godwin and supported by a dedicated team, with a combined experience of over 60 years within the UK ice cream industry.


    '60 years Experience'


  • Our aim

    We aim to introduce a Super Premium brand to the market which is specifically tailored

    to the UK.


    'tailored to the UK'


    The brand has been developed with our partners in Belgium to bring a brand that meets the discerning needs and cost points of chefs and operators in UK foodservice and in line with growing opportunity for

    ice-cream and an awareness of its value as an 'all-year-round' product.


    'All year round product'


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